ABOUT                      the LANSDOWN POETS



The 'commune' that is the Lansdown Poets came together under the leadership of Charles Thompson some 14 years ago and have written, and read, and encouraged, and criticised, and sat, and walked, and talked and drank, and commented, and inspired, and collaborated, and sometimes exasperated, but always supported and, most of all, learned from each other about poetry and much more besides ...

There is no formal membership of the group and, to an extent, poets come and go, join and re-join. 


Generally, we meet once a month to 'workshop' our poems. The poets submit their poems which are circulated before the meeting so they can be considered in advance. We read our poems in turn. There is then a positive discussion of them and suggestions are made as to how a poet may wish to amend the scope or the text of their poem. 

We look to be critical friends who are mutually supportive.

For many years we met in the room above the bar in The Lansdown, Clifton, Bristol. This is the room shown on the Homepage. We thank the various publicans who have kept The Lansdown for their hospitality and, now, for letting us use this image of the room above the bar. 

Since Covid, we have continued to meet by Zoom but look forward to the day when we can return to our 'home'.


We consider the poems you will find on this website as 'works in progress', rather than finished poems; we do not regard them as having been 'published'.  After all, we have invited you into our workshop and we should be pleased to receive your own thoughts, comments and suggestions on our poems which you may send to us by email lansdown-poets@mail.co.uk