Charles Thompson

Dr Aloysius O'Shaughnessy


Dr Aloysius O'Shaughnessy  with his porcupine hat askew upon his reddish hair,  whose heart resided in the middle of his soul and beat strongly, thought deeply, not so considering the blackened ends of a dystopia, and so besought himself to the workings of imagination, as the sea beseeched, as he strolled the gridded sands, and so the source of imagination, or its difference from fancy, as if such a difference ever held,, but as imagination could act as the blessed particular coursing of the soul,, and as he would take four hours daily for the reverie of the imagination where ideas, thoughts, memories, images, feelings of strength or not so, story threads, popped and cracked and flowed as when he mused upon Mara with whom he was conjoined with her blessed flag of black hair, her face round as a peach, her laughter which was like the lapping of a woodland waterfall, her charge so different from one of the monied people he knew who seemed trapped between a monied charge, which consistently spiked outwards and a human charge, such as is natural to all who have emerged unto the world as human so, but Mara's charge was yes to the human, and as she was a painter, yes to that too, and how such charges gave power to each other and to and fro other charges betimes


Growing alongside dawn, at springtime, rural, this time -much of his charge was urban - cocks cocorilled and hens cricked and cackled, and, in tender motion, the day infiltrated the widespreading sky, perched to his Coleridge on the outside bench, while Mara, his dear, lay still amazed upstairs in hair and dreams, which threw the sparrows of dawn forward to green hills upon which she tranced and danced.


Imagination... 'The imitative power... by eye ear and touch etc...' to aggregate, associate evoke, combine,' as his three daughters broke the dappled light with their dancing glee, was it true that Coleridge let go his own soul of imagination, beyond la three great poems, and chattered on in all sublime intelligence and comprehension and communication, without further addressing this soul's needs? Was it true? 


Let us leave this so truth upon the doorway of light and venture on.


Dr Aloysius O'Shaughnessy is a character - with all his story world - that came into this little piece of fiction through my reciprocity both with the grounded world as I know it fluently and also a reciprocity with the world of fiction as it has charged my imagination. I have met some extraordinary and unique characters along the river of experience and resulting from this I wonder why on earth would anyone not wish to meet some extraordinary character fashioned from the garments of this experience and from my experience of reading; fashioned, I should say, in the busy crafting forward of this working imagination.


And thus Aloysius and Mara dawned upon me.


I have never visited Ireland except in the way reading Irish fiction triggered my imagination. Reading is a land where imagination thrives.


This piece of fiction features a little fandango, or bolero, on some ideas about imagination generated by Coleridge.


And with this nod to Coleridge I am 'upon the doorway of light and venture on'.


Thus it is