Gillie Harries

In the dreich on the road from KS to Hawes




A house hunkers,

back to the weather

Clings to the slide of contour

Crouches beckside

For longevity.

A sodden sheep

Shakes out the

Spray of a long front

Like a dog, home

after walks to heel.

The droving road winds

through a valley

Ancient as memory

Chill and bleak the day

Yet a beauty timeless

As breath hangs

in the fading,

Outhgill .

The place a smear

of stone dwellings

curving the

metalled road.

Soft in the mouth

this place name

Norse ancient

You're compelled to intone

With metronomic

wiper's rhythm;

Outhgill Outhgill Outhgill

Lullay the babe to sleep

Heefed in fleece.

Below, there is the infant

Peaty Eden, roiling

Risen on the Fells

Scouring down the

Glacial timelessness

Flowing to a Western sea.