PAMPHLETS                             the LANSDOWN POETS


Over the last two years the Lansdown Poets have produced two pamphlets: PLANET and ASYLUM.

These are slim volumes that include one poem from each of the participating poets on the themes of the environmental crisis and the crisis faced by many refugees and others who seek asylum; what is it that draws poets to a perceived crisis?

The pamphlets presented an opportunity for poets, used to 'doing their own thing', to come together and collaborate in a common endeavour. We were particularly fortunate in that one of our number, Peter Milner, is a talented graphic artist who designed the pamphlets, illustrating the poems with some stunning images, and oversaw the production process. Many thanks go to him.

We have reproduced full pdf copies of the pamphlets on the two drop-down links immediately beneath this one. You can read, print and download your own copy from there using the pdf reader.

An important aspect of these projects was to raise funds for relevant charities: FRANK Water and Bristol Refugee Rights. We hope some of you who visit our website may wish to follow the links to make your own donations.