Pete Weinstock



Suppose the world was different; I don’t mean the world,

I mean us; suppose we were different.


Suppose that very thin mirror didn't reflect how fat I am.


Suppose we went back in time, un-discovered oil and coal and iron

and still made beautiful things from wood and copper and clay.


Suppose our mark on the planet was small and local; didn't alter weather systems;

and the temperature of the land, the sea and the air.


Suppose we hadn't cut down the rainforest and destroyed the structure of the soil,

reduced the land to desert and dust bowls.


Suppose we hadn't covered the surface of the world in tarmac, concrete and plastic.

suppose there were places where creatures could still thrive.


Suppose money wasn't the most important thing in the world,  

and wealth wasn’t the difference between life and health.


Suppose the sea was full of fish and buffalo roamed the plains

meadows were alive with insects, and bees buzzed like they used to.


is a gather of memories, imaginings and regrets

expression of a fervent wish: that we could go back and do it all again; better this time, and perhaps with less arrogance.


 with not much room for hope

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