Pete Weinstock

The day of the funeral in lockdown


The cat stretched out a leg,

then another,

moving quite slowly


The rain

on the glass roof

beating, like small fists


like tears

running down

the cheeks of the world


I imagine

people who know you,

moving quite slowly


waking to the realization

that it is the day of the funeral

in Lockdown


Not much to do today

but listen to the rain

on the glass roof


The sky, sad and grey,

staying close to the ground

for comfort


No need to travel

on the day of the funeral

in Lockdown


Just listen

to the rain

falling from the sky


I was struck by how slowly time moves when you are sad and in particular how slowly time passes in Lockdown on a day of such significance and sadness; and how this contrasts with normal times when we would be moving at speed, and very time conscious, to be physically present at an occasion such as the funeral of a friend. I was also struck by the intensity of my ‘awareness’ of the day and perhaps how this is magnified by the restrictions of lockdown.

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