These are the summer poems of the Lansdown poets.


Themes brought to life range from those swirling round 'Minotaur by Richard Devereux to those that arrive through 'Mint Sauce' by Gillie Harries. I notice with interest how Gillie beautifully explores the growth of a child - herself - in all its quick responses to sights, sounds and scents.

And scents travel wonderfully - along with Kubla Khan - through Maithreyi Nandakumar’s poem ‘Xanadu with Ms De Souza’. David Punter’s ‘Pandemic Ballad’ has the exuberance of the ballad form playing with the tragedy and comedy of the Covid.

There are many accomplished poems. I enjoy all of them. Such a rich mix from poets fertile in growth fittingly in the lushness of summer! Treasures!

We are pleased to welcome Rachel Hawkins-Crockford into our midst and to welcome back Robert Beavis who has been absent digging (he is an archaeologist).

Charles Thompson

Charles Thompson

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