Tim Burroughs

Why We Hide Underground – A Climate Change Forecast

for COP 26


now raged above

survivors sheltering underground

in burnt out basements



that was protection from the heat and gases

that comprised the revenge of Gaia

as she adjusted to the century

of burning of carbon fuels

of the burning down of the forests

for ranches and farms

from the blind headlong rush for profit

heedless of the ravages to the ecosphere


the signs had been building like a cliff

a nightmare foretold

but the politicians were in with the corporations

so it had come to this

the sheltering of the remnants of the races

from the heat storms raging above


of course, at first,

the fire brigades had tried to fight the fires

dowse the burning trees and peat with water

from trucks, hydrants and planes


but every time

one blaze was thought to be out

within days it was raging again

kindled from heat below the land surface


the national governments had tried to stop

the floods of heat refugees

from fleeing across the borders


but, batons and razor wire

were no match for desperate crowds of thousands

even live rounds shot above the heads of the crowds

had no effect


these extra mouths, and their need for shelter

overwhelmed the local health and welfare services

outbreaks of deadly diseases were common



in the background the temperatures rose

the water reserves diminished

the grain growing areas of the world

grew parched by the heat

as their output decreased

populations began to starve

food riots broke out all over

these led to regional, and then national conflicts

over water and food

national armed forces

became homeland securities

defending walls and wire emplacements

against marauding gangs and hungry mobs

searching for shops and warehouses to loot


this is why we hide underground


we wish are forebears had taken more care