Tim Burroughs

The Lost Sunflowers



splashes of the sun

with spiky green fronds

dry sticky stems

thrusting from dry red-brown

Provençale soil


a welcome gift

for an artist friend

the succour of the warming sun

a welcome respite from

the cold and religion of Holland

the low lands and wet earth


fronded together

in clasping groups

of overlapping heads

a symbol of spiritual regeneration

a painting with hope

a glade of light

away from the dark forest

of depression


echoing Japanese wood block

paintings in bright coloured outline

with accented boundaries

sticking out from the surface

in the thick impasto paint

textured like soil

dry hard and rimmed

like baked southern earth

on dry bare feet

like the sun

on the driven, parched painter’s face


the black of crow wings over

yellow fields

the twinkling of stars

over a river

with a dark blue sky backdrop

a vision of heaven on earth

framed in a a so fragile mind

rocked by storms

but shining on

like the sun 


the great giver


the sun is the great giver

it is radiant


brings joy deep into the soul

even on the most bleak of days

it breaks through the clouds of loneliness

stills the mind

stops it turning over troubles

stills its bickerings

it brings seeds to life

to bud

to ripen

to grow

it brings out the shy flowers

with their bright petals

it reddens the skin of apple and peach

causes the tomato and grape to swell

this mother planet

brings life

to its small neighbour

joy to the hearts of its people

it is the centre of life

no wonder it was worshipped